Commercial Services

Walk Off Dust Mats and Logo Mats Rental

Research shows that a vast majority of dirt and dust in a public building is carried in by pedestrian traffic. Our range of walk off mats provide an instant barrier against this type of contamination. The highly absorbent mats also provide a great barrier against wet floors, reducing the hazard of slippage.

We also offer a superb branding service whereby, your logo can be printed directly onto your mat to provide a powerful first impression.

Impress your customers today with personalised door mats.
Our mats are:

  • Fully washable
  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Printed in non-fade colours
  • Made from nitrile rubber
  • Gripper backed

Washroom Solutions

We provide a comprehensive service whereby we can supply and maintain any amount of the following services:

  • Soap dispensers and refills
  • Automated Air fresheners and refills
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers and refills
  • Toilet Roll dispensers and refills
  • Hand Towel dispensers and refills


Reach & Wash Window Cleaning Services

Uses a water fed pole system to clean glass. The science behind the system which produces sparkling windows is a high level of water purification.

Using 99.9% pure water guarantees spot and stain free windows.

Pure water leaves no residue, unlike regular cleaning methods which use a detergent, a micro film is left behind which attracts dirt more quickly.

Our pure water system, delivers a sparkling result, which will last for longer and is completely eco-friendly.

Specialist Leather Cleaning and Repair Services

We have an extended, tried and tested range of leather-cleaning maintenance and repair products. Whether you have scruffs, fading, colour loss, stains or dried-out leather, we can clean, protect, feed and re-instate the aroma into your tired leather.

We have undertaken major research and development into each and every product to ensure you receive a highest quality method which meets the needs and requirements of the job in hand, tailored to meet your specific cleaning needs. We offer a holistic range of cleaning for all your needs.

Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue
We will make your leather products look new.

General Commercial and Office Cleaning

Cleaning and Maintenance of Parochial Buildings
  • Over the past 5 years The Rug Spa has given a service second to none, at very competitive prices, when we call needing an apartment cleaned and sanitised in a hurry The Rug Spa always delivers.
    Charles Toland, Director Queens Quarter Housing
  • I would highly recommend the services of The Rug Spa who we have used for cleaning and maintenance services in our business premises.
    Mathew Brown, Managing Director Connect telecom